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Webinar on e-Retailing Approach: Customer Acquisition and Retention

Posted by Nagaraju on March 12, 2010 in e-Commerce Webinars with No Comments


Embitel Technologies wishes you a wholesome year 2010. 

Embitel pleased to announce our 5th Webinar of the Retail e-Commerce Series, titled:  “E-Tailing Approach: Customer Acquisition and Retention” on 15th Apr’10, Thursday at 4PM to 5PM.

We are sure that you would be interested to participate in this webinar and also will nominate your colleagues in our programs.  Thank you for your interest 

You should attend this webinar if you believe:

  • Companies are surviving on customers hence proper alignment of marketing strategies with customer activities is essential.
  • Strong customer relationships are highly rewarding
  • Retaining an existing customer involves 3-5 times less cost than recruiting a new one.
  • Cost per acquisition is high hence calls for seasoned technique deployment.
  • 80% of the sales come from 20% of the customers hence spotting the right prospect is required 

Today’s economy is consumer-driven and one cannot afford to shift the focus from them. A committed customer will continue to put his/her faith on you, blind-folded & increasingly assume a role of partner who helps in acquiring new customers. 

Generation of Leads (hunting) and Building of Trust & Strong Relationship (farming) with Customers.  Mr. Daniel Reborn will guide you through with his time tested expertise.


Webinar Agenda:

  • Customer Acquisition strategies
  • Customer Retentions strategies
  • How to drive business growth
  • Latest Trends
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  •  A few instances to share


Speaker: Mr. Daniel Rebhorn

- Founder, dmc GmbH Germany and Chairman, Embitel India

- Industry expert with more than 14 years of experience in retail e-Commerce and e-Marketing


When: 15th Apr’10, Thursday

Time: 4PM to 5PM Indian Time  

Venue: Just stay in front of your PC

Cost: Complementary (Free)


Click here for Quick Registration:



Note: After registration you will get a thank you mail with a link, which need to be clicked during the time of webinar. We look forward to your participation. Please feel free to contact us at e.seminar@embitel.com or call us at +91-80-41694213.  

Minimum system requirement: PC with internet connection and Headphone.


For More Information you can visit




Best Regards,

Embitel Team

Unit No: 208 to 216, 2nd Floor, Delta Block,

Sigma Soft Tech Park, Whitefield Road, Ramagondanahalli,

Bangalore, India – 560066

Ph: +91 80 41694213

E-Mail Id:  sales@embitel.com

Social Media Webinar at Embitel

Posted by Nagaraju on September 26, 2009 in e-Commerce Webinars with No Comments

After an overwhelming response of our webinars on Retail e-Commerce Series, Embitel has conducted its 4th Webinar on:  “How to Succeed in Business using Social Media?”


Webinar Agenda:

Ø  What the heck is Social Media?

Ø  Benefits of Social Media

Ø  How it drives business growth?

Ø  Latest trends in Social Media

Ø  Do’s & Don’ts

Ø  Case Study

Reasons to attend this Webinar:

  • Because 2 /3rd of the global internet population visit social networks.
  • Because visiting social networks is now the 4th most popular online activity- ahead of personal mail.
  • Because time spent on social networks is growing at 3 times the overall internet rate, accounting for approx 10% of all internet time.


Generate more Leads, Customers, Fans, Followers and Business, Know how from this Webinar with Mr. Daniel Reborn

Henceforth, social media is indispensible for your business in this increasingly consumer-driven economy and one cannot afford to stay out of it.
Speaker: Mr. Daniel Rebhorn
- Industry expert with more than 14 years of experience in retail e-Commerce and e-Marketing 

- Founder, dmc GmbH Germany and Chairman, Embitel India

Essence of Retail e-Commerce and its Optimization Webinar

Posted by Nagaraju on April 27, 2009 in e-Commerce Webinars with 2 Comments

After the overwhelming response from Embitel first web seminar which is conducted in Nov’08, Embitel Conducted their 2nd webinar on “retail e-commerce series” which has conducted on 19th Feb’09 entitled "Essence of Retail e-Commerce and its Optimization".


As we all know the retail e-Commerce in India is growing at a very fast pace during last few years. A well-designed and optimized site is absolutely critical to stay ahead in the competition rather than just setting up a retail e-Commerce site. This webinar revealed that what are the key success factors of e-commerce site? How we can improve customer experience and drive more sales through retail e-Commerce site? In this 45 minutes webinar, Mr. Daniel Rebhorn, a highly experienced industry expert in e commerce domain, was covered the following key areas:


  • General structure of retail e-commerce site
  • Top 5 relevant pages of retail e-commerce site, Do’s & Don’t s on these pages
  • A structured navigation of retail e-commerce site
  • Samples of impact
  • Q&A session specific to attendees  

To view this “Essence of Retail e-Commerce and its optimization” webinar, please click on the following link:  


Essence of Retail e-Commerce and its Optimization



Methodology, Features & Advantages of a Webinar

Posted by Nagaraju on April 2, 2009 in e-Commerce Webinars with No Comments

Webinar mean a web-based seminar, those are presentations, lectures, workshops, or seminars transmitted over the web. Webinars are also known as online workshops.


Important Features of Webinar

  • Interactive with the customers
  • Customers can view the Live Event
  • Real Time Question & Answers
  • Participant can chat with the person who is conducting webinar
  • Learn the topic by sitting at your desk
  • More Educational for the people
  • Preserved for Future Viewing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Participation from home, no need to travel
  • Registrants can participate in convenient time for them
  • Webinar material can be re-visit by the customers


 Webinar Methodology & Process 

  • Determine the webinar topic and length and decide who should attend
  • Plan the time, date and length of the webinar. Make sure all key participants can attend
  • Communicate the requirements and time frames to any fellow presenters. Include information about formats, tools and deadlines
  • Make sure that your computer has network and Internet access and that all of the required software is loaded and ready
  • Send meeting invitations, confirmations and reminders to fellow presenters and to participants. Include all key information such as links; log in IDs and passwords, teleconference phone number and participant code
  • Prepare the webinar presentation. Start with a list of objectives and topics. Vary the webinar activities, pace and visuals, but be sure you keep content and discussions relevant to your topic. For example, tell a story, show a short video or ask your audience to participate in a group exercise
  • Greet participants as they join the meeting and provide them with a status. As you conduct the webinar, be friendly and engaging. Write down the participants’ names
  • Start the webinar by introducing yourself and any other presenters. Whenever feasible, have all attendees introduce themselves to the group. Ask if everyone has accessed the virtual meeting and if they can hear you speaking. Assist anyone who needs help. Ask participants to mute their phones as you conduct the webinar in order to reduce background noise
  • Review the webinar agenda and objectives. Set expectations such as encouraging participation and whether you can accept questions by email or instant messenger
  • Ask and answer questions and constantly demonstrate enthusiasm for your topic. Your energy keeps participants interested and engaged
  • End the webinar on time and thank participants for attending. Provide any follow-up information and resources. Be the last one to hang up.


Webinar on Retail e-Commerce in India

Posted by Nagaraju on January 25, 2009 in e-Commerce Webinars with No Comments

Recently Embitel has conducted Webinar on “Retail e-Commerce – a perfect storm in India.”

Date: 21st November 2008

Speaker: Mr. Daniel Rebhorn

- Founder & MD, dmc digital media center GmbH, Germany.

- Industry expert with more than 13 years exprience in retail e-commerce.

Topic Overview

Indian e-commerce industry has reached to Rs. 9210 cr in 2007-08, which attracted more retailers to get into the retail e-Commerce market. The crowded field of competitors in B2C also indicates to focus on retail e-Commerce market and achieving long-term success from it.

Find out more on what signifies the retail e-commerce revolution in India?

This Webinar has covered following topic

  • Market Definition.
  • Growth & Opportunities – Retail e-Commerce in India.
  • Do’s and Don’ts in setting up a Retail e-Commerce business.

Mr. Daniel has also addressed specific questions raised by attendees at the end of webinar.

Click on the Following Link for Webinar Video

Retail E-Commerce Webinar

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